Tiger Fight, September 26 News Chelsea is in the transfer market this summer, and the introduction of many new aids will also bring fierce competition to the team. Blues center defender Zuma is happy to see this.


Zuma said: "We are all trying to help the new players adapt as quickly as possible, and everyone is working very hard. There is healthy competition in the team, and players who are worthy of the game will get the chance to appear."


"Our lineup is very good, coupled with strong new players joining, we hope to be able to reach the top. Although we have this strength, but we also know that this will not be an easy task, because other teams are also very Strong. The Premier League is difficult to play, but we hope to do better than last year and win some trophies."


"He was also a player once, so he knows some of the feelings of the players, he knows how to communicate with the players. For me, he undoubtedly gave me great confidence and helped me regain my confidence. Every time he sends me I will do my best when I appear on stage."


"He is a Chelsea legend, so he will want to defend this honor. He loves Chelsea. Now he wants to play more attractive football. This is different from the previous style. He wants us to attack more and High position oppression, this is a good thing for us."


"Health is a very important thing. It will affect how you feel on the court, your pressure off the ball and the defense of the team as a whole. Now that all the players are in place, I hope the coach can choose his favorite lineup. We can move on."


"This will be a difficult game. Going to West Brom to play away has never been an easy thing. They have just upgraded and are eager to face the Blues. I hope this will be a good game."


"We will focus on ourselves and then exert influence during the game."


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