Original title: S10 Palm Game Interview MCX.M1ssion: I want to play Rookie most

原标题:S10 Palm Game采访MCX.M1ssion:我最想玩菜鸟

Today is the last day of the first round of the League of Legends S10 group stage. In the MCX game against SN, MCX regrettably lost.


After the LOL game, Palm Game invited the MCX mid laner M1ssion to accept our interview. For the M1ssion player, this is not his first World Tournament, but despite this, M1ssion has been working tirelessly for a higher ranking. It can be seen that he is a man who is very eager to achieve good results. Players.

LOL游戏结束后,Palm Game邀请了MCX中路选手M1ssion接受我们的采访。对于M1ssion玩家来说,这不是他的第一次世界锦标赛,但是尽管如此,M1ssion一直在不懈地努力争取更高的排名。可以看出他是一个非常渴望取得好成绩的人。玩网上购彩家们。

In this interview, M1ssion told reporters that


A: I'm still quite nervous, because I didn't perform very well before, so I want to try my best to prove myself this time.


A: I think G2 is the most impressive because of their assistance


A: It's hard to say whether there is confidence, but we will make changes, not the same as last time.


A: My teammates are playing very well, but I personally still have a lot of problems and mistakes.


A: The pressure is quite high because it is the No. 1 seed. If you don't perform well, you will be embarrassed.


A: Of all the LPL teams, I want to play against Rookie the most, because I am his fan and I have watched his videos and matches. I think he is very good. In this World Championship, I most want to play against Chovy. If it is a team from LPL participating in the World Championship, I think


A: The impact is quite big, because now the most important thing is to hit the road core, so the center support is the core. For some support and auxiliary heroes, I may not be so familiar.


A: Because LeBlanc itself does not hurt enough, and then it needs to have the jungler to help all the time, but now the jungler is mainly based on the core, it will want to help in and out.


A: Zoe is a hero who is partial to poke. Now there are more teams and lanes, which is not good for Zoe.


A: I think there are many unique talents at the top of the canyon, and their unique skills are very good. The most impressive one is Mango Fish.


A: Although we are not doing well right now, we will try our best to change, do different BPs and play different styles so that our game can be won.




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